DavidBlackwell1This week we had DC singer-songwriter David Blackwell in for a chat about growing up in the city’s go-go and gospel scene, finding his musical voice and the importance of a strong community in his creative process. David also treated us to a few original songs live in the studio from his upcoming EP “Good Fight.” These songs are part of Charles Road, a new project named after the creative space he shares with his posse of friends and collaborators.

David was lead singer and principal songwriter of seminal DC indie-rock band Pure Light Seed, and while a few of the band members have left the DC area, the bond remains strong and David continues to work closely with his crew. Pure Light Seed’s drummer Matt Miller (aka Swamp Guinee) has just released a new album “Born Again” under the name Crank LuKongo which features David on two of his original songs, and you can catch Matt playing with David and percussionist Chuks Awa around town.

The life and music of David Blackwell are woven into the fabric of the DMV. His commitment to community and humble nature are the perfect compliment to his strength as a songwriter and vocalist. He keeps his ears and heart open, and his music embodies that wide spirit, with the focus above all on love. Check out the new website below for more info on the Charles Road project, and follow them on facebook to catch a live show in the area soon.


[Click play to hear our interview with David Blackwell – April 18, 2018]