LSS refugee resettlement servicesThe DC metro area is a true melting pot of people from around the globe who live and work and learn from one another. Some come for school, some for work or to be with family, and then there are our refugee resettlement neighbors and friends who arrive by the thousands each year fleeing persecution and war, uprooted from everything they know and plopped down in a foreign place with a new culture to navigate and often not knowing a soul.

Lutheran Social Services (LSS) meets these new Americans at the airport, helps them find housing and clothes, obtain papers, enroll in school, find work and social services and so many other things the rest of us take for granted. The global community that this helps to create makes the DMV a truly special place to live.

We had the chance to sit down with Autumn Orme, LSS Communications Director for a chat about the work they do and it’s impact in our area, and about their upcoming gala celebration and marketplace, Passport to the World (March 1 @ The American Institute of Architects in DC). LSS was founded in 1917 so this is a centennial celebration featuring the artistry, cuisine and entrepreneurial spirit of our refugee community. It looks to be a feast for all the senses, and the money raised will go entirely toward the Herculean resettlement work LSS does every day. Check the link below for more info about refugee resettlement in our community and to get your tickets!

[Click play to hear our interview with LSS’s Autumn Orme – Feb. 21, 2018]