DC theater scene's Erika RoseActress Erika Rose is a Helen Hayes Award Winner and long-time stalwart of the DC theater scene. She currently plays a bewildering array of characters in Mosaic Theater’s “Queens Girl in Africa”  (through Feb. 4th, directed by Paige Hernandez).

Based on the life of playwright Caleen Sinnette Jennings, this one-woman performance centers on Jacqueline Marie, a young New Yorker whose family abruptly moves to Nigeria after the assassination of her father’s close friend Malcolm X. It explores her coming of age in a new culture and a new nation on the brink of civil war. This is the world-premier sequel to Sinnette Jennings’ critically acclaimed “Queens Girl in the World,” a standout at the 2015 Women’s Voices Theater Festival, and it has been receiving rave reviews as part of this year’ s Women’s Voices lineup.

So go see it! But we didn’t just talk about the show. It was a delight to also hear Erika describe her first encounter with the DC theater scene while still in high school, about how she approaches embodying so many characters, about her experiences traveling in Africa, the challenges in performing with open captions projected for greater accessibility, and so much more. We even heard a few lines from Godfrey, one of the characters she plays in the show, a Nigerian man who does NOT want you messing with his bicycle! Hearing Erika transform her voice was a real treat.

So have a listen, and then check out the links below for more about Erika and for “Queens Girl in Africa” reviews, tickets and more.



[Click play to hear our interview with Erika Rose – January 17, 2018]